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who  we are

Moms Love Forever is a 501c3 organization dedicated to strengthening the bond between children and moms in jail.  We currently are only able to offer our services to help children visit their moms jailed in the Los Angeles area state prisons, but nationally advocate for children and their moms that are incarcerated.

our founder


Founder of Moms Love Forever, Nickie Davis is a successful entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist, activist and most proudly, a mom.

Having pled guilty to aiding and abetting someone else’s FARA violation, a felony with incarceration sentencing, Nickie began searching for programs to assist her daughter through any separation due to jail time.  

During her research, Nickie quickly learned that there were not many programs in Southern California that addressed the needs of children with moms in prison and it inspired her to create MOMS LOVE FOREVER. The sole purpose of this non-profit organization is to help to maintain the bonds between mother and child, even during incarceration, and provide support for those children and their moms.

Hide and Seek

It's a bigger problem than you'd think.

According to the Children of Incarcerated Parents National Consortium (COIP), an estimated 2.7 million minors in the United States have had a parent who has been incarcerated at some point in their lives. 

Having a parent incarcerated can have a profound impact on children, including (but not limited to):

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Emotional and psychological distress

Children with incarcerated mothers may experience feelings of abandonment, shame, and guilt, which can lead to emotional and behavioral problems.

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Increased poverty

Incarceration can significantly reduce a family's income, putting them at risk for poverty and homelessness.

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Disruption of education

Children may experience difficulties in school, including absenteeism, behavioral problems, and lower educational attainment.

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Intergenerational involvement in the criminal justice system

Children with incarcerated parents are at higher risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system themselves.

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Even if you are not with me, I think of you every single day. Not a moment goes by that I don't feel the love I have for you. I will love you forever and unconditionally, no matter what life throws my way or your way.

Love, Mom

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